Monday, June 15, 2009

I am interviewing a man for the position of driver and assistant today. He is retired but used to drive the District Commissioner, and his English is excellent. I hope it works out. I am also having Godfrey (Bwana Masele's son) make two filters to see if he can do it. If he can, we are off to a good start with the filter making business and have found a place in town for display and sales. Of course, we had no rain for ten days, and I thought the rainy season was over then we had three huge thunderstorms Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with the power gone and both generators not working. Got a guy coming from Mwanza on Wednesday to work on the big one and got the little one working this morning after a very dark night with no lights. We will be getting six, solar powered, security lights this week ($100 each), so, soon, we will have lights at night no matter what. Still have three doors, shutters, shelves, desks, and painting in the new building, but we will do what we can when we can. It will be finished. The thatching is going on as I write this. Thanks to all who support us and congratulations to Jerry and Amy Buckingham for winning the Denman Evangelism award from the Methodist Church in Arkansas.
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