Thursday, June 25, 2009

Got the filter delivered and installed at the home of the SIL manager in Musoma. Went by Juasun (our internet provider) in Musoma and complained about the loss of our internet. They sent a guy back to Bunda with me to see what was wrong. He came into the house and watched as I replaced the plug that had come out and saw the internet come back. I paid his bus fare back to Musoma and gave him some hush money so he wouldn't tell what an idiot I had been. Karen has been cleaning up a storm so that Keith and John will come back to clean rooms on Monday. There is just too much to do to get it all done sometimes. Got the windows in the generator house but need to put screens on them to keep the critters out and shutters to keep the rain out. Have a crew working on repairing all the rainy season damage to our road--which was substantial. Have Daniel, Steffi, and their three girls coming for a one night visit tomorrow night. Tomorrow, I will make a fast run to Mwanza to get new tires, find copper tubing for the filter construction, find a source of silicone caulking for Karen, and get back before Daniel and Steffi get here from Nairobi. Now that the generator is fixed, we have had continual power ever since. Okay, but it's there if we need it.
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