Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The generator is fixed, but we need to put more windows for ventilation in its house, so we are working on that right now. We have the shelves up in Karen's storage space and are now waiting on the doors. We are working on the road in to our place now that the heavy rains have passed. Tomorrow, we deliver a filter to the SIL (Bible translators) headquarters in Musoma and take another one with us when we go to pick up John and Keith at the airport in Mwanza on Monday. We have more orders, but have to wait to buy the copper tubing in Mwanza. Now if we could just get our internet back, things would be nice, but as we say here, "TIA" (this is Africa) so we aren't holding our breath. Using the cell phone works, but it is an iffy thing and expensive.
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