Monday, June 8, 2009

First, I am happy to report that Paul's sister is doing well after her transfusions and the baby is well, too.  They will come home from the hospital tomorrow.  Thank you for all your prayers for them.  Tomorrow, I load up the big generator and take it to Mwanza where I bought it.  Those guys know how to fix it, and they have the parts to do it.  I also need a new windscreen (that's windshield for Americans) for the Nissan (rocks make big cracks), so I will do that while I'm there, too.  This may turn into a two or three day thing, but ndivyo ilivyo (what can you do?).  I am stronger every day and when I asked Karen how she was, she said "I am JUST fine, thank you very much, and stop writing about my pain."  We do miss John, but we are doing all right without him.  We certainly aren't eating as well as we do when he's here.  We have both lost weight with those  &$^&$*^$* parasites and are just now getting our appetite back.  Our son, Keith, will be here in about three weeks, and we are eagerly awaiting him.
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