Saturday, June 27, 2009

The doctor came and did a blood test and there were no parasites, so it is not malaria. Probably just a 24 hour bug of some kind. He gave me some medicine and his blessing to make the trip to Mwanza, so that was good. The guys did good work on the road today, but the generator fundis just threw up their hands, so we have some thinking to do. Both generators are down for the count. The car needs new belts, so I am going to Mwanza tomorrow to be able to be at the shop when they open on Monday. The boys arrive at 11:00 am, so I won't have much time. Our German missionary friends had their windshield shattered by a rock just outside Mwanza this morning and had to stop and replace it. TIA. Welcome to our world. I mean that, you are all welcome to come here and experience Africa with us. Keep those prayers coming. We mourn the loss of Amy's brother-in-law, Keith, who made many trips to Tanzania before succumbing to cancer yesterday in Minnesota. Please keep Amy and her family in your prayers as well.
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