Thursday, June 18, 2009

The big, diesel generator is chugging away, and we have a smaller, gasoline one in reserve. The fundis from Mwanza came Tuesday night and left this afternoon, but they did a good job on the diesel and petrol generators and told me their work was guaranteed--they would come back whenever I needed them. The main power is still out which is a record (of a dubious sort) for Tanesco (the national power company). Our fundi who works in wood came back today. He was in a car that was hit by a bus and hurt his back pretty badly, but he can work again, so he will be putting in shelves, doors, desks, and shutters for the new building. We are getting ready for a visit from three bishops who will be here this weekend. They will stay with us and on Sunday, officially induct me as the Associate Bishop for the Methodist Church in Tanzania. Much ado about very little if you ask me, but there are 300 people coming to watch, so I will be gracious, grateful, and reverent. We have two new filters to sell that were done by Godfrey Masele and Paul, so we may be on the verge of a new beginning with our filter mission.
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