Monday, May 11, 2009

We've had power for over thirty hours with only one outage for about an hour.  Hopefully, this marks the beginning of consistent power for a while.  Shaban is working on installing the fifteen filters at Father Choka's.  We started painting the edu/tech center today.  The electrician came and everything is hooked up.  We are going to have to have him redo most of the wiring in our house to prevent fires and to stop further damage to our electrical appliances.  Oh, and though we have had lightning and thunder in the distance, we haven't had any rain for three days.  Maybe things will dry out and we will be able to fix some roads.  If it doesn't rain until Sunday, we will be going to Mugango this coming Sunday to see what the people have done to complete the church building there.  Keep us in your prayers; we pray for you every day.
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