Saturday, May 2, 2009

Went to Musoma and got our 110 pounds of steak today--no bones.  They just cut it up enough to fit into the two coolers we brought, so we had to cut it up in smaller chunks when we got it home.  No meat or chicken here is cut up like it is in the Sates, so we just have to guess at what's what.  Put it in the freezer just as the power went off, again, but the new generator can run the freezer, so everything is all right.  We had beef stew for dinner and it was terrific.  Last night, John made a mac and cheese casserole with potato chips and bacon.  He got the recipe from an NPR show about a barbeque place in the South.  It was terrific, too.  Edina came back today after missing four days with malaria, and Juliana was gone for a funeral in her home village.  Yesterday, a truck tried to make it past our house and got stuck in the mud.  It took them three hours to get it out.  Today, they came back and got stuck, again, in the same place.  This time it took them four hours to get it out.  Sometimes you just have to wonder.  John gave me the following YouTube links to see Karen and the monkeys.

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