Thursday, May 28, 2009

We have six, full-time workers and every now and then I want to do a brief sketch about each.  Today, it is Amos (pronounced ah-mos) who has been with us for about four years.  Amos helped work on the first buildings here in 2005, both Martha's Place and our home.  He helped with other work as well and was added as a security guard after we had to fire our first one.  The first one (Chief) was fine as long as he got no money and had no free time.  The more we paid him and the more time off he got, the more he drank and began to steal.  He blew up at the ladies and threw construction workers clothes over the fence.  I was a little nervous about firing him because he was of good size, but he went peacefully.  I have since learned he was a former prisoner and, in fact, is back in jail now in Mwanza.  Anyway, Amos was a good choice as a replacement.  Amos is very reliable and a hard worker.  He also does all the thatching for our buildings in traditional Sukuma style.  Like most Sukuma, he is quiet, gentle, and very dedicated.  However, he can be fierce if he needs to be (see photos).  He loves the dogs (rare in a Tanzanian) and works well with them.  His current project is to thatch the new edu/tech center and he will start that next week.  Thatching over the metal roof makes it cooler inside and quiet when it rains.  It also makes the whole compound look a lot more African.  We are proud of Amos.
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