Thursday, May 14, 2009

We are still having power outages of about four hours a day, but they come from noon to four in the afternoon, so we can plan around them.  Soon, we can hang our clothes in the shade so the sun won't fade them.  We can also move the generator now that we have a metal roof on its house.  The clothes shade needs to be thatched so we will buy sisal poles and grass tomorrow.  Amos, one of our workers, is skilled at thatching in his Sukuma tribal style.  Amos has thatched all of our buildings and likes doing it because I pay him extra and let him work on it during his regular hours.  John is growing some neat plants, so I've included pictures of them.  Now, since we have a blog, you can keep up with what is going on here on a daily basis, but if you don't have a blog, and don't write to us, we have no way of knowing what is going on with you.  Please let us hear from you.  It doesn't have to be daily, once a week would be fine--if you have the time, we would really love to hear from you and will write back--we promise.  We love all of you for your prayers and support.  I could use some prayers since I am getting ready for our guests next week by coming down with malaria, again.  It doesn't seem to be a bad case, but there are no good ones.
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