Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tuesday, while still in a malarial fog, we got the shade over the clothesline finished, got the generator moved and protected from the rain, got the windows in the edu/tech center painted, and made preparations for the e3 Ministries.   We may get malaria, but we don't get discouraged.  Malaria and power problems included we do love it here: the people, the children, the weather, the lions, all of it.  Some of you may think we are living sacrificial lives, but we are not.  We are living the life we chose (or the one God chose for us) and are very happy doing what we do.  Isn't that what real happiness is all about?  The sixteen Baptists from Texas (25 total--nine sleep at the Spice Rite guest house, but all eat their evening meal here) showed up and they are a good group.  Of course, the power went out, and then the generator went out because when it was moved, Paul caused a small fire when he shorted out the battery trying to secure it, so no power all night.  We will be cooking lots of meat tomorrow and giving lots away to the staff.  The visitors will think we feed them really well, but what can you do.  Shaban and John have gone to Mwanza today to get the part fried by the short and we should be back in business tonight.  Keep us in your prayers as we pray for you.
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