Friday, May 8, 2009

Karen is back from her mini-vacation, rested, refreshed, and ready for mission.  We have found a teacher willing (eager, actually) to teach a second session at the school, so we will have a morning group and an afternoon group.  We have a long waiting list of parents who want their kids to learn English here so getting students won't be a problem.  I've included a picture of the hole where the truck got struck, and several photos of recent changes to Maisha Na Maji.  The staff was so happy to see Karen return that I was fourth in line for hugs as soon as she got out of the car.  They had a flat, but Shaban fixed it.  Power is still off five to seven hours a day--mostly because they are running big power lines to the gold fields (gold is more of a curse than a blessing here).  Our church in Kabasa got evicted from the building where they were meeting because gold is being mined in that area now.  We found a good plot a ways removed from the gold area and bought it for $120 from the village elders.  I bought them two tents so they can have church until they can put up a building.
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