Tuesday, May 12, 2009

John says God must read my blogs because just after I noted the lack of rain, it rained for ten hours--a slow, gentle rain, but it dropped the temperature down to 69, and we were all freezing.  I guess we are truly African now.  The roads are still pretty bad and the worst one is the one that comes right to our door.  We have to drive through two front yards and a piece of a plowed field.  How often has our power been off?  Long enough that our bill for April was less than half of a regular month.  Of course, we've had to buy diesel, but it's down to $5.00 a gallon now which is very good since last October it was $9.00 a gallon.  We're getting ready for the 25 people from e3 Ministries next week.  We have to buy the rice and beans well in advance because they have to be cleaned by hand the same way it was done in Jesus' day.  After the rain finally stopped, we got back to work painting.  The base coat is a water-based paint followed by enamel (here they call it "rangi mafuta" or color with oil).  We were able to have the lights on for the painters--we had the fans, too, but didn't need them because it was so cold.  We need to finish this and move the school over before next Tuesday when the big mission group comes.  We will be feeding almost thirty people every morning and evening, so we need Martha's Place with no students in it.  I'm sure God will make everything work as long as we do our part.
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