Thursday, May 21, 2009

Internet and power have been coming and going (mostly going) for the last several days and our generator is not yet repaired.  Even internet through our phones has been dicey so lucky to get this off.  Karen is out of bed for the first time today--thank God for that and your prayers.  The kids (all but two are in college) are going door to door evangelizing every day and then coming back and singing at night.  They are really wonderful.  The leader says he will be able to get me a group to come to work on AIDS next year.  John is healthy if man and machines are failing elsewhere.  Malaria is a rotten thing to have, and every one of our staff and their families suffer with it from time to time.  Every 30 seconds a baby dies from malaria in Africa.  Help us to end this.  We need your prayers.  OOPS!  Karen pointed out that I had not mentioned that she had malaria, too.  That's what happens when someone with malaria is doing the writing.  Karen got sick on Sunday; the doctor came to see her on Monday, and she is just getting back on her feet today.  I was hosting while I had malaria since I wasn't as sick as she was when they came.  One of the girls stayed here today because she was ill--not from anything we fed her, I hope.  So, yes the reason Karen was in bed was because she had malaria, too.
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