Saturday, May 16, 2009

I was right about the malaria but wrong about the severity--it was very bad.  Juliana (our houseworker)  took one look at me this morning and went to the Lutheran church (on the DDH hospital grounds) during a very special Saturday service, went right up to the front of the packed church and said she needed a doctor.  Seven men stood up, but the one she was looking for had been here before and she got the doctor she wanted to leave in the middle of the service and come here.  He rigged up an emergency IV (see picture), gave me medicine, tested my blood (positive for parasites), and left to get more medicine.  I should be over it by Tuesday which is when our guests come from America.  How's that for God's timing?  This doctor really likes us and brought his very nicely dressed wife with him when he came back this afternoon to check on me.  He will stop in again tomorrow and on Monday.  The total bill for all of this--$15.  Not having insurance is not so bad here.
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