Sunday, May 10, 2009

I don't know what everyone else does after church on Mother's Day, but we go to the Serengeti.  Karen is wearing her Mother's Day dress and jewelry she got from John and me.  The baboons here are free range.  Come to think of it, all our animals are free range from elephants to chickens.  Power didn't go off till one o'clock today.  Word has it that Tanesco is replacing old power poles all over the Mara region, but no ones knows for sure.  I met with the new Bunda circuit pastor and pastor Leopold from Tireme.  Had to explain to Leopold that I was not going to feed his family year-round.  He has a complete wood shop with tools and wood and needs to work a little.  He is the only one who ever asks for food money now that Tanzania is independent of Kenya.  Kenya would not allow the pastors to work, but all here now teach, farm, or work at other jobs and keep their families fed--with help from their churches.  This is as it should be if the church is to be truly independent.  I still supply Communion wafers, juice, and a chalice and paten for the Lord's Supper, but little by little every church will have their own.  If you are coming here, please bring one and you can pick the church where it will be used.  
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