Sunday, May 31, 2009

 I am still running fever.  The doctor said it would be a couple of weeks before the flu and fever symptoms are gone.  Karen is much better having skipped the flu part, and she went to church this morning and took the camera.  John is in Arusha, so the pictures may not be quite as good as his.  I put in a picture of the doctor and his family and several of the trees that Martha's family planted last January.  We discovered yesterday that the entire back side of the school's roof had not been painted, so Samsom worked on that yesterday and today.  He got it all done, so Amos will begin thatching tomorrow.  One day, I will be well enough to walk around and oversee the construction.  It has to be done daily, but that is not that different from any country, any time.  I'll just be happy when the fever and cough are gone.  Do keep us in your prayers.
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