Monday, May 18, 2009

Feeling a bit better although Karen was in great pain today.  Whenever we get to feeling like we are too beatup and damaged to work as missionaries, I remember my professor of missions, Dana Robert, who told of the first Methodist missionaries to Africa.  She writes, Finally, in 1832, Melville Cox, already ill with tuberculosis, volunteered. He died after three months in Liberia, but managed to organize a church and start a school. Later, Ann Wilkins, a teacher, founded the first Methodist girls' school in Liberia. She stayed for 19 years, "despite a permanent haze of malaria and the deaths of all her colleagues."  
I guess we all work in spite of our health or financial setbacks if we are about the work of the Lord.  He will provide and He never said it would be easy--just very important.

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