Monday, May 25, 2009

The day dawned bright and sunny after a night of steady rain.  The group was up early as some had to leave at 6:30 am for Mwanza.  Some left for a safari and most went on to evangelize on an island in Lake Victoria.  John stayed up all night working on their photos and burning them to CD's before going over at 5:00 am to start cleaning up and making breakfast.  Now, the group is all gone, but we had over 100 at the Methodist church here on Sunday, and they will be having Wednesday afternoon services beginning this week.  Over 1,000 new Christians now inhabit the Bunda area--500 baptized in Lake Victoria Sunday afternoon (see pictures).  After we waved goodbye to the group, Karen and I returned to bed for more days of medicine and recovery.  At least we know what disease we have and that we will get better, but boy we don't feel very good right now.  Still, happy to have had the e3 Partners here and hope we will do more together in the future.
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