Saturday, April 25, 2009

A word about power and its generation.  It is true we are very happy with our brand new generator because it is so much better than what we have had.  The power here has been very bad the last few weeks with daily outages lasting from five to twenty-four hours at a stretch.  We have lost food and had damaged electrical stuff.  Our old generator broke down often sometimes needing three new spark plugs to go one week.  It wasn't strong enough to power anything but the lights, so we had to throw circuit breakers all over the place before we could start it.  The pull start broke at least twice a month and only one of our night guards was strong enough to start it.  We had to go out in the rain and dark many times.  One night, John was sitting on the ground working on it, got it started, and when he came back in, the small snake that had crawled into his cuff crawled out onto our floor.  I had to kill it for John's and Karen's peace of mind.  The new generator starts at the turn of a key, runs on diesel, and powers everything at Maisha Na Maji.  It is absolutely wonderful.  But that's not what I want to talk about.  The real power comes from God.  It comes from your prayers for us and our mission.  It comes from the hearts of those who share our vision and passion for this mission.  It is you who generate God's power for us.  That power has never failed.  We could never have done what has already been done or have the strength to do what has to be done without your generation of power for us.  Every time we hear our new generator running, we say prayers for those of you who empower us.  I gave a man a one dollar tip today and he said, "God bless you."  I said, "You're too late.  God has already blessed me."  He has blessed me with the support of the power of the Holy Spirit expressed through your prayers and financial gifts.  Yes, we have a new generator, but we thank God for the power you have already generated and continue to send our way. 
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