Saturday, April 4, 2009

The untimely death of Pastor Silas made today's doings even more important than they would have been otherwise.  We had a major meeting today here in Bunda to establish the constitution of the new Methodist Church in Tanzania outlining the duties and responsibilities of bishops among other things.  Afterwards, Bishop Monto and myself had the first official Bishops' Meeting at my house.  It was a very, very good meeting.  We are in perfect harmony about what needs to be done and how we need to go about it.  First, we need to be inducted on June 4th in Dodoma (the capital and headquarters of the Christian Churches in Tanzania) by the bishop that heads that organization.  This will mean a two-day trip by car and then two days there and two days back.  I will need some help with the expenses for this important ceremony in the life of the church here.  It will probably cost about $700 to pay for our expenses, Monto, me, and Shaban who will drive us there.  We both must be present for this to be official, so off I go to a city where I've never been, but then all of this has pretty much been uncharted territory.  With your help, your prayers, and your blessings, the Methodist Church in Tanzania will get off to a good start.  After we have been inducted, we will ordain Festo in Karekakare and Michael in Mugango and will move some other pastors around for the good of the church.  One will get some specific goals that must be achieved if he is to stay a pastor.  We pray this will happen.  You pray, too.
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