Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Today,Tuesday, was National Health Day and a holiday for the death of the president of Zanzibar when it and Tanganyika became the United Republic of Tanzania in the '60s.  We set up a booth here in Bunda with Salome and Neema doing the presentations.  Lots were interested but no orders.  Shaban and I were in Musoma to deal with medical stuff, trying to find out if I could fly to Dodoma in June (you can't, no one can fly to the capital of this country--even from Dar Es Salaam), fixing some electrical stuff, and discovering that the government officials I needed to talk to were on holiday--sometimes I just amaze myself with my deductive powers.  Let's see, who would have thought that National Health Day would be a holiday with the government and banks closed--that's right, I also had bank business.  Oh well, I'll go back on Thursday after checking to see if it is a Muslim holiday.  Shaban's kombi broke a steering rod yesterday and when the driver finally got it off the road, some of the passengers began to beat him.  The police broke it up and he wasn't badly hurt, but he was hurt.  Shaban and I found a garage where he can park it until he can afford to repair it.  The driver was really happy that I offered to help get him medical treatment.  Keep us in your prayers.
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