Thursday, April 9, 2009

Quite a day today.  No power and NO generator for 12 hours.  Finally fixed the generator at five pm and the power came back at 6:15 pm went out again at 6:30 pm, couldn't get the generator started but power came back again at 7:00 pm.  That's what's been happening and will continue to happen throughout the rainy season.  Really need a new, bigger generator, so keep that in your prayers.
Took Karen to the Coptic Hospital in Musoma and pretty much spent the day there.  She had a bleeding problem and the power was out in Musoma and the hospital generator struggled to power the machines that did all the lab tests.  Finally got the results around three o'clock and she will be fine.  A burst blood vessel was causing some scary bleeding, but the tests eliminated all the big, nasty things and this was something some injections could fix.  She got two there and will get two more tomorrow, here.  We have a doctor who will come and do them.
While we were at the hospital, the Coptic Bishop of East Africa, Bishop Paul, arrived for a visit and insisted on meeting me, having heard of our help for the hospital--Bibles, mosquito nets, and medicines.  We had a marvelous time together.  It's like he and I were long lost friends.  One of the doctors told Karen the two of us shared the same heart and enthusiasm for mission.  When he learned about our filters, he gave me the money on the spot for one for the hospital.  He is a big proponent of ecumenical mission (all denominations working together in the name of Christ) and wants Maisha Na Maji (he loved the name, he is in Nairobi so knows Swahili well) and the Coptics in Musoma to work together on many things.  Already the hospital and doctors will not let us pay for anything, including medications because they say we are one and the same--workers in distant vineyards working for the same Master.  It was almost as if Karen's trouble was there so Bishop Paul and I would meet (notice I said ALMOST).  He gave Karen, John, and I Coptic crosses made by the monks in a monastery in the Egyptian desert.  We will be their special guests at worship next Sunday.
Those of you who know me well, know that I always wear an Ethiopian Coptic cross that is three hundred years old and was once pictured in National Geographic.  Karen gave it to me after a trip to the West Indies back in the early '90s.  I've included a picture of me wearing that cross and a picture of Bishop Paul in today's photos.  This Easter Sunday, pray for all of us who work to bring the word of Christ to life wherever our mission is.
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