Friday, April 24, 2009

Over a year ago, when Jerry and Amy were here, three or four (I can't remember how many)  Baptist missionaries from America came by to visit Maisha Na Maji.  Today, a Baptist pastor from Mwanza associated with those who visited us, came by to see if we could host a 25 person Baptist mission group from the U.S.  Anyway, we can only sleep 16, but the pastor really wanted them to be here after he saw the place, so 16 will sleep here and 9 will sleep at the Serengeti Resort guest house in Bunda, but all of them will have their meals and meetings here.  They will be here from May 19th to the 26th.  They will be doing evangelism, but they will also be buying filters and putting them in the homes of their lay pastors.  The pastor from Mwanza wanted a solar cooker today.  These people are associated with the e3 Partners Ministry based in Plano, Texas, and San Diego, California, but Pastor Peter said he that most of those coming are Baptists.  Pastor Peter said he knew Paul Savage very well, as do we.  Paul and Kathy were the Baptist missionaries who were here for 26 years and are now back in the U.S. to stay.  It will be wonderful to once again assist those who are called to expand God's kingdom here in Africa.  It will also be wonderful to hear Texas accents again.  Karen, as you know, was born and raised in West Texas and speaks fluent Texan. 
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