Tuesday, April 28, 2009

No pictures today because it rained all day and is still raining now.  It seems so strange to visit a village in the middle of a drought only 30 miles from here, but that's what we did on Sunday.  We have a new leader for the Bunda Circuit.  His name is Godson Mwileka and he has been to seminary.  He will be ordained as a full pastor in July.  Today, I gave him a bicycle so he could get around to the churches in his circuit.  We have been giving bicycles to the lay pastors who have been doing good work since we came here.  This was bicycle number seventeen.  He wasn't willing to wait for the rain to stop but rode it home.  It is amazing what the gift of a $100 bicycle can mean for the expansion of God's Kingdom here.  The floor is completely finished in the edu/tech center (rain doesn't stop inside work) and the electrical will be finished tomorrow.  It takes several days for the cement to cure, so we can't work inside till next week.  Painting and doors is all that remains, but you can't paint while it's raining, so we will see how that works out.  Usually, during the rainy season, it rains for a few hours every day and a few more during the night.  Of course, as soon as we hear the first thunder, the power goes off because they can't cope with lightning.  We are grateful that we have a dry floor under our feet and a non-leaky roof over our head.  The generator means that we have power as well.  We are truly blessed.
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