Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My lack of being able to differentiate between the recent past and the far past in Swahili led me to a wrong conclusion.  The bus driver who killed Silas was not beaten to death, but a driver the year before had been.  This driver didn't stop but was caught at a police roadblock in Lamadi and is in jail.  If convicted he will probably get seven years in jail according to a local judge I know.  I also got the number of his children wrong: it is eight not nine.  The ninth is an orphan the family took in.  The bus company will compensate the family, but the amount is unknown at this time.
The real rainy season has started, so we will see more power outages for the next few weeks.  We did get a good electrician to finally get our house properly grounded while it was raining and he couldn't work on the edu/tech center.  I've posted some pictures John took--probably worth looking at.  Didn't post yesterday because I was just too depressed.  Today, Juliana was out with Charlini in the hospital with malaria, Luci was out because of a death in the family, we had to pull a child from school because the American visitor who promised to pay just couldn't come up with the money, it rained all day, we lost all the freon from the Toyota, and yet, John got some good pictures, construction continued, and Edina filled in for Juliana and Luci since she couldn't work outside anyway.   My feet are better and I should be up and around by Friday.  Thank all of you who sent notes of condolences.  I passed them along to the family in translation.  
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