Thursday, April 30, 2009

Last night we had the East African version of a hurricane.  If you saw yesterday's pictures, you saw a sunny day with no clouds in the sky, then, about six last night, it hit.  Torrential rain driven by high winds that forced it through the cracks in our shutters and had us using up every towel and blanket in the place.  It rained for nine hours and flooded low-lying homes.  Lusi said at her house the beds became boats.  While this is happening here, people are going hungry just thirty miles away because of a drought.  This morning dawned bright and clear, but late this afternoon we can see the storm clouds building again.  Today, John, Shaban, and I went to Musoma to do paperwork for the social security system here and had lunch at the Afrilux Hotel in downtown Musoma where John became friends with a family of Vervet monkeys.  They would come close enough for him to hand feed them and they loved french fries.  Probably not too good for them, but John was thrilled.  The restaurant folks drive the monkeys off and weren't too happy with John, but what could they do.  Then we dropped by Lizbeth's (Musoma Children's Home) to give her some money sent by friends of the orphanage in Arkansas.  She was thrilled.  Her husband, Daniel, had just left to go back to Sweden to work for six months so his pay can keep the orphanage running.  Saturday, we go back to pick up 110 pounds of steak for which we will pay about $1.50 a pound.  This from a place that supplies all the restaurants for foreign tourists and government officials.  It's the best meat this side of Mwanza.  Hooray for the freezer (thanks Jerry and Amy) and hooray for the generator that keeps it running during our daily power failures.  Pray for those whose lives are affected by the weather.  It's bad enough to have to battle AIDS and malaria without rain and drought ruining crops and lives.
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