Friday, April 3, 2009

I was still sick today, as was John, but Shaban (our Muslim friend) took the Bibles and the filters.  He also got the air conditioning fixed for $30--sometimes we get good deals.  Every time we look at the edu/tech center getting closer and closer to completion, we are awed that so many wonderful Methodists and other Christians gave the money to build it.  It will be here long after we're gone and will go on serving God for decades.  Karen walks through it and cries.  John sees what's been done on his side and admits being a little scared about what God wants him to do, but he is eager to do it.  We simply cannot put into words our thanks for those of you who support us with your prayers and gifts.  We wish all of you could come here and see what God is doing with what you have given.
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