Thursday, April 23, 2009

A floor here is first a pit dug in the dirt and filled with large stones.  Then small gravel and hard packed sand is filled in the cracks.  Then about six to eight inches of cement is spread over it, but this is just the base.  To finish the floor, three to four more inches of cement are specially mixed and spread smoothly, level, and evenly.  This takes real skill.  We have found a man who is just a magician when it comes to floors, and when he heard about our troubles he offered to cut his fees in half.  I've included some shots of the floor work on the tech side of the building.  He worked until nine thirty last night so it wouldn't dry or crack.  John and Shaban kept him company and provided the lighting for him using hand-held, solar powered lights.  I also included a shot of seventeen (count 'em) filters curing.  It's the most we've ever had here at one time.  Eight more are waiting to be made just to keep up with current orders.   
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