Saturday, April 18, 2009

Biosand filter orders are on the rise.  Father Choka recently ordered fifteen for his mission.  We have already supplied six to the SIL Bible Translators, and are waiting for an expected order for at least twenty.  We can make two filters a day, pouring one in the late afternoon and pulling the mold the next morning.  Mr. Masele's son, Godfrey, is learning how to be a good assistant as a possible replacement for Omari.  Our staff is working with Shaban on these as well.  Each filter can filter almost 250 gallons a day for years with no maintenance.  They only cost $60 per filter, so if anyone wants to help out a church, village, or individual you may know here--let us know.  The District Commissioner is insisting that every hospital and dispensary in the Bunda District must have at least one filter.  In the first two years, we made and placed about ten filters--five a year.  Things are taking off.  Careful what you pray for.  Thanks to all who have helped in this project.  It will go on long after we are gone.
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