Sunday, April 26, 2009

Another special day.  We drove for an hour and a half (about forty miles) over bad road and no road to Kalukakere (pronounced care-uh-cuh-care-ee).  Several tribes have trouble with "l" and "r", so Lamadi and Ramadi are the same town--just depends on which tribe is saying the name.  We were going to baptize about twenty people but when we got there, the ones needing baptism had to be in the fields defending their crops from the birds who can wipe out an entire harvest in a couple of days.  So I preached and enjoyed the fellowship of these wonderful Christians.  This was the first village church I ever visited eight years ago.  I came with Bishop Simba, the Bishop of Nairobi, to rededicate the building which was totally destroyed by a storm three years earlier.  It only had walls and a roof, but it was a church once more.  Many of our visitors here have been to this church to paint, put in windows, help with the floor, worship, and visit in the homes of the members.  The evangelist (lay preacher) has started five other churches and will be ordained as a pastor in July after Bishop Monto and I are inducted as bishops in Dodoma in June.  Just attending worship here has always been a blessing.  One Sunday, Jerry and Amy, came away with a live chicken each.  Today, they auctioned off three eggs to help raise money.  The high bid was $1.50 for the biggest egg.  Just like at your church, eh?  If the drive out and back wasn't so damaging to us and the car, we would come here often, but it will take two days for Karen and I to get back to normal after all the bumping and jolting.  Still, it is always worth it.  (THIS LINK WILL TAKE YOU TO A VIDEO SHOWING HOW BAD THE ROAD IS--THE CAMERA IS STEADY, IT IS THE CAR THAT IS JUMPING ALL OVER. )
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