Sunday, March 22, 2009

Why do we put up with power losses, personnel problems, health problems, government problems, problems within the church, problems outside the church, the incredible amount of work there is to be done, the incredible amount of need to deal with?  Why do we struggle on through malaria, arthritis pain, digestive problems that never go away?  Why do we stay in a culture far from our own?  Why do we stay so far from our own family, friends, familiar foods and medicines?  Why do we travel on bad roads and no roads with cars always in need of repair?  Why do we keep insisting (all three of us) that we are here until God calls us home?  There can be no doubt that God called us here, but why do we stay?  Look through the photos at left and there should be little doubt in your mind why we stay--and why we stay happy in spite of all the physical and emotional pain.
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