Tuesday, March 24, 2009

We've had some severe thunderstorms that have caused real havoc with Tanesco--our power company.  As a result we have been running the generator so much it is damaged and running on a wing and a prayer.  We lost all we had in the big freezer (we can run the refrigerator with its small freezer on the generator, but not the big freezer).  One day, we will get a bigger generator and this will become less of a problem.  Still, we trudge on.  I've included some construction shots from today (March 24th) if you want to look.  We have to make construction decisions on a daily basis--you don't just hand the plans to the fundi (craftsman) and go on a vacation.  We were still finding places today that were not as intended but could change them easily now, but with great difficulty if we waited.  I guess that's not really news to anyone who's built a house or remodeled.  Something universal there.  Pastor Silas had a pikipiki (motorbike) accident, but it was minor and we patched him up.  Will need some of those coming this year to restock our supply of bandages, bandaids, antibiotic creams, and such.  
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