Thursday, March 12, 2009

We had a torrential rainstorm last night with very high winds and water blowing sideways under our doors and through our shutters.  Lots got wet, but nothing got ruined.  The storm blew over trees, wiped out flower beds, and killed hundreds of small birds whose bodies littered the compound.  The power was out, of course, but we have candles and flashlights.  The storm was too fierce to even get to the generator.  It is running now and has been running more these last two weeks than it has for years.  It can't operate the hot water heaters or the electric stove, but we can use our computers.  Still, the sun came out today, Paul is feeling much better, Edina and Luci are back as is Juliana who was out yesterday with eye problems.  Oh, and a man came by to order a filter.  All the new thatching came through without any problems at all.  Amos does good work.  One of our Anglican missionary friends (Amy of Jono and Amy at Bweri) flew home to Australia with her whole family for surgery for breast cancer.  She is facing months of radiation and chemotherapy but is determined to return.   A rather inspirational attitude, don't you think.  God is good, all the time.
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