Saturday, March 28, 2009

Thank you for your prayers.  We had to have an electrician come after dark to help, but we now have power and internet.  This morning when I got up I saw this single yellow flower highlighted by the sun and was reminded of a quote from Helen Keller.  She said, "I am only one, but I am one.  I cannot do everything, but I can do something, and I refuse not to do that thing that I can."  Somehow, that solitary flower gladdened my heart in this place where there is so much to depress it.  I also asked my son John, why he came to Africa to join us.  He said when he was in the third or fourth grade, he went on a nature walk where they were blindfolded and barefooted.  They followed a knotted rope and at each knot they stopped and listened, and felt, and smelled the nature all around them.  Then they would move on to the next knot and the new sensations awaiting them there.  John said he was still following that rope, just didn't know one of the knots was going to be Tanzania.  When I asked him why he stayed here, he replied, "I haven't run out of knots, yet."  I thought that was a pretty good analogy.  While we were in Musoma on Thursday, we delivered twenty mosquito nets to the Coptic hospital.  We have already provided nets for their inpatient beds, but they need to be able to give them to pregnant women (largest group most likely to die from malaria).  The hospital was very happy, and we promised to get them twenty nets a month to keep these mothers alive.  We are still giving them to women who finish our sanitation and hygiene seminars, so we are giving away about 70 nets a month.  We still have some money set aside to buy nets, but it won't last the year at the rate we are giving them away.  Still, one net usually saves one to two lives, so it is a great investment at $5.00 a net.  Hopefully, the power will stay on tomorrow, so we can give our poor generator some rest.  Have gone through three spark plugs in the last ten days.  Thanks to all of you who remember us with your emails.  It is good to know you care and are keeping up with our activities.  God bless you. The pictures added to the one of the flower are for Vacation Homes for Charity, which is a philanthropic group to which we are currently talking. 
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