Friday, March 13, 2009

Spent the day cleaning up after the storm and repainting what the rain washed away.  Had to use the four-wheel drive just to get into town.  Power has been going off and on five to ten times a day, so our new freezer just sits, but it's there.  We know of a guy in Musoma who can butcher a whole cow for us, but we are waiting for some consistent power first.  John fell out the front door and sprained his ankle, but his spirits are up, and he even limped out to start the generator in the dark tonight.  He has lots of good news about his school, but I will get him to blog it because I don't understand it all.  Edina found us some passion fruit cuttings and we planted them today.  God is still and always good.  And thanks for all of you who sent newsy emails about what's happening in their lives back in the good ole U.S.A.
We are going to need a new generator soon, but at $3,000 we will just limp along till God provides.  St. James UMC in Fayetteville is sending us some money for new tires which are badly needed, and Joanna Hudson's circle is sending money for chairs and tables for the school.  You people humble us and make us proud to know you.  Thanks always and God bless.
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