Sunday, March 1, 2009

Malaria, again.  On the bright side, it's been over eight months since my last bout, and I am no longer taking anti-malarial medication, so this means my body is building up some antibodies anyway.  We have a local doctor, Dr. Mzumu, who comes to the house, takes my blood, verifies it's malaria, gets the meds I need and brings them back to the house.  This was early Sunday morning, too.  He comes back and checks up on us, too.  You know, just like in the States.  It wasn't a bad attack this time, but it still takes four to six weeks to recover because of the damage to the blood cells.  Still, John and Karen have been malaria free for at least two years now--in fact, John has never had it.  I seem to be the lucky one.  Oh, and no internet for the past week, either.  Do keep us in your prayers.
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