Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The last couple of days have been spent dealing with African bureaucracy which is like spending a week at the DMV.  We did get the car registered, serviced, insured, our immigration papers approved, other immigration matter resolved, and the like.  Add to that Juliana being out sick with an eye problem, Paul being out with malaria, Edina and Luci leaving at noon to attend a funeral, Karen being sick and me ransacking the house to find all the papers the government needed. Shaban and John spent an entire day in Musoma while I spent a day with the Bunda immigration office.  Top all of this off with several construction decisions all that were over budget, and you can see what a fun two days this has been.  Just the cost of doing business in a foreign country, and we survived with all intact.  Did I mention the power has been going out about ten times a day?  Welcome to our world.   I kind of expected some emails in response to our big day Sunday, but I guess folks just expect us to do big things which in not too bad at all.
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