Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Karen and I went to the Coptic hospital in Musoma today for blood tests.  My sodium is too high, and Karen has high blood pressure and heart palpitations.  The doctors there are wonderful and they have modern equipment.  Karen got medicine--I got a strict reprimand about my salt intake.  Okay.  While we were at the hospital, the timing light came on on the dashboard and about two hours and $100 later, we had a new timing belt.  Struck out on the vet, so Shaban is going back tomorrow to see if he can bring him to Bunda.  Good news on the Coptic front, they want to come to Bunda to do an AIDS seminar and want us to come do a filter workshop for their staff and workers who go to the villages.  This may lead to more of God's work being done.  Fancy that! 
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