Sunday, March 29, 2009

It is with great sadness that I report the death of Reverend Silas Daudi, the Pastor of Bunda Circuit, as the result of a motorcycle accident.  He was killed on his way to a village church by a drunken bus driver. He died instantly, horribly mangled.  A mob surrounded the scene, and the driver was beaten to death by the mob.  I pray that none of our church members were involved, as I pray for his wife, nine children, parents (who are still alive) and all those who loved Pastor Silas.  He was a good friend, a wonderful pastor, had started many churches, and was scheduled to move into his house in Bunda next week.  Karen, John, and I had bought furniture for his house and it is sitting in Martha's Place now.  I must move it soon because the sight of it will bring me to tears, again.  The loss to the church here is great.  We only had four good, solid pastors and that number is now three while the number of churches continues to grow.  The Methodist Church in Tanzania owes a great debt to Pastor Silas--who is now at peace in the arms of the Lord whom he served so faithfully, loyally, and with next to no pay whatsoever.  He will be long remembered and sorely missed.
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