Monday, March 30, 2009

I spent today and will spend the next two with my feet up.  Most of our staff went to Kabita today to sit with Rev. Silas's family.  Edina and Paul grew up with him--he was like a big brother to Paul.  Juliana also knew him well.  Mr. Masele, Neema, and Josephine Mazira also made the trip.  We contributed the bus fare for all of them (about $5 each).  I called as many of the evangelists as I had numbers for, and they went as well.  Still, life goes on.  The electrician made a major error.  John caught it and worked out how to redo it to make it like it was supposed to be.  I've included some photos of the grounds you might enjoy.  If you will let me know by email, I will send you the rather lengthy, but detailed account of the funeral that Rev. Moses and I celebrated.   It helps to explain the culture of death and funerals here, and I wrote it while all the details were still fresh.  If you knew him, you will probably want to read it.  Thanks to all of you for emails and prayers of concern and support.  We couldn't make it here without your love from there.  God bless you.
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