Thursday, March 26, 2009

I am sending this from an internet provider in Musoma.  We have had no internet in Bunda in two weeks, and yesterday, the phone system being overwhelmed, we lost the ability to get online with our phones.  Until some power and internet stability returns, we will only be able to post a blog and check our email once a week when we drive to Musoma.  The trip costs about $40 for diesel, so we will try to put together as many chores as we can to lower costs somewhat.  The electrician came yesterday and ran all the wires but couldn't test them without the main power on.  We have heard that the power will be restored on Saturday, and we pray that it does--you pray, too.  Our whole building operation should be over and done with by mid-April or sooner.  We will all be glad when we can back to our normal routines.  We are probably going to have to let one of our security guards go and may switch to a security company (the same one that protects the District Commissioner's house).  It will cost us about $60 more a month, but we need to feel safe, especially since now people will know we have computer equipment here and when we have guests here.  The power surges have cost us about $500 in ruined equipment and another $100 in ruined food, but we'll just get our homeowners policy to cover it--that's a joke--there is no insurance.  However, we are doing all right and continuing to serve God in many ways.  I'm sure our little troubles seem pretty insignificant to those who lost so much during the ice storm.  At least when our power goes out, we don't have to worry about freezing to death.  And we are pretty sure our jobs here are safe, so that's a plus.  There are good things in the future months as the internet switches to solar to avoid all these outage problems, and we are going to get at least six, solar security lights so we will never have an all dark compound.  John did all the wiring for the tech side of the center and impressed everyone.  The internet provider in Musoma will no longer hire anyone that John doesn't train and is insisting that all his current workers be trained by him, too.  We are proud of our son.  We are also very excited about the school and computer stuff, and we are having the electrician fix many of the problems we've been living with for the past several years.  We are sometimes down, but never out, and never giving up.  God provides and blesses.
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