Monday, March 9, 2009

Hard to describe how exciting yesterday was.  The District Commissioner sent a truck to take two filters, three ladies (Josephine, Salome, and Neema) to a Woman's Awareness Day celebration near where the banana vendors besiege the buses.  Shaban and Omari went along to explain the filters and solar cookers (they cooked and served chai from the solar cookers) and John went to take pictures.  There were hundreds of people there from all over Mara Region with booths set up to display their work.  The District Commissioner made a speech, mentioned the filters, and told the women if they would organize into governmentally recognized groups, the banks would loan them the money to start filter businesses.  Shaban left with orders for at least twenty filters and many more have made plans to come here.  We have eighteen made right now, but we know that the Bible translators want two, a village headman wants eight, Father Choka wants twenty--so who know where this is going.  This now has the government seal of approval and Shaban is going to strip his combi of seats and turn it into a filter delivery vehicle.  The most wonderful part is that this is all Tanzanian.  From sales to manufacture to delivery to service--it is all Tanzanian.  Only the photographer was American.  God bless you Jerry and Amy for your persistence and support.  We will have another mold in a week or two, so we can make three a day if necessary.
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