Thursday, March 5, 2009

Folks who have been here know that we have two watch dogs who work all night.  They are not attack dogs but have been trained to bark at anyone who comes too close to the fence.  They take their job seriously and by morning are all tired out and sleep all day.  Still, they love to play.  Both were left here as puppies by missionaries returning to their home countries.  We just love them.  The brown one is named "Socki" because of her white socks, and the German shepherd is named "Nietzche" like the German philosopher.  As a rule, Africans are very afraid of dogs, so we have to walk with the workers who come for short jobs.  The dogs love Juliana, Luci, and our other workers.  I have also added some pictures of the continuing work going on.  The District Commissioner is providing a car to take four filters to Kia Bakari (about an hour north) on Saturday to show women from all over Mara Region.  Hey, Jerry--this may be huge.
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