Thursday, March 19, 2009

Between 6:15 am and 10:30 am today, Juliana arrived to tell of the death of a friend and to ask for money to help with the funeral expenses ($20) and for money to pay her bill at the local hospital ($10).  Paul arrived to tell of a bicycle accident where he had hurt (not badly--treated and released from the hospital) a nine-year-old girl (wasn't his fault but he panicked and ran and the police got involved) and the family was demanding $100 and the police $20 to get his bicycle back.  I have never seen him so scared or so upset.  I got the family to accept $60 and the police $5, but Paul was too shaken up to work, so I sent him home.  Shaban needed $50 because we underestimated the cost of the wire for the tech center.  An evangelist came by whose Bible school fees I am paying for him and his wife (only $75 per term per person), but he had a letter from the school requesting that I pay for his children to live there with them--another $500.  I said no, but had to give him $20 for bus fare for his wife and him to get back to Musoma.  The next term starts in April and I said I would pay for him or his wife or both but not the children.  The vet showed up to take care of Socki's paw (he did, he's an excellent vet) and he had ridden the bus down from Musoma and I paid $25 for his visit, $10 for the shots and treatment, and $10 for his bus fare back to Musoma.  Because Juliana would be away all day, I gave Luci $5 for her extra work.  The trimming shears bit the dust and we had to buy new ones for $12.  This was all in less than four hours.  A total of $227 dollars.  I had to reach in my pocket ten times just for the morning.  The power is out and we need another $30 worth of gasoline, so I'm not through yet.  This is a typical day.  People must be helped, the dogs must be well and healthy, lay pastors need school training to become pastors, funeral expenses and hospital expenses must be paid.  I am only sorry we cannot do more.  I also had to say no to three other requests.  Then John fell and sprained his ankle again and I helped him back to the house to doctor him.  The stress of the day got to Karen and her back hurt too much to do anything but rest in bed.  Just another boring day of mission work.  Good thing I am feeling so much better.  Thanks for all your prayers.
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