Monday, March 16, 2009

After lots of meetings, angry words, and even a threat to get President Kikwete involved, the fence for the Bunda library was begun today.  To make things even sweeter, it was Neema's father who got the contract.  Neema cooks for Karen's school, works as an aide, is part of the women's group who are selling filters, is a member of the Bunda Methodist Church, and has worked with us for three years.  Her mother brought the SDA church choir here to sing and pray for the library last June.  She has been pushing for the library as hard as anyone.  The construction continues, we got the huge bee hive out our attic, but they seem to have made a home in Jeremy's Place, so we do the smoke thing all over again and move them down the road a little more.  The sanitation and hygiene seminar didn't take place this weekend and we haven't heard why.  I think we need more hands on supervision, so we will train a group of women who can travel and work with Lista and others to put on these seminars that are so important.  Going to Musoma tomorrow to see if we can find a vet that knows about dogs instead of cattle and chicken.  Socki has a hurt foot that needs attention.  People here are not concerned with the health of dogs, they are more pests than pets.
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