Friday, February 13, 2009

A full and exciting day.  Had to drive in 4WD, low gear, hubs locked through many mud holes (almost stuck in two of them) to get Amy to her seminar today.  Made it, though.  Karen, John, Jerry, and Shaban went to Musoma to refill propane tanks, get new chair cushions, help the internet people with problems, deliver a sand filter and lots of other fun stuff.  We were all tired when we got home.  John fixed homemade spaghetti, meat balls, and sauce from 13 tomatoes which was just wonderful.  Went to bed tired but full.  More work tomorrow.  The car will have seven people in it--Jerry, Amy, John, Shaban, Bishop Monto, Rev. Silas, and evangelist Lista to do a seminar in a village that had a cholera outbreak not long ago.  The doctors hope the seminar will put an end to cholera deaths in that area.  We are praying that it will.  Karen will be teaching by herself tomorrow as Salome had to go take car of her sister who was in a pikipiki (motorbike) accident.
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