Thursday, January 8, 2009

This is from Karen:
Of all visitors that come, it is my view that children really get it.  Martha's granddaughter, Ruby, was able to express the feeling that all the visitors noticed.  Each night Martha had a discussion with all her family. One night the subject of the discussion was valuables.  Ruby very carefully thought through her feelings. This is what we heard as she shyly shared with us her new understanding of the world and the word "valuables".  "We refer to valuables as an adult might ask us to collect our valuables when we are leaving.  They are referring to our computer, phone, iPod and earphones.  When the people here refer to things that are valuable to them they mean clean water, shelter, clothing, and food." 
Thank you Ruby for your insight.
Others have come and gone home to clean out their homes of stuff that they do not need. Life can be more simple.
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