Sunday, January 11, 2009

What happened today is difficult to put into words, but we are going to try.  All three of us will contribute.  We went to a new church today, didn't have to use GPS, but did need a guide to get us there.  Unfortunately, the guide wasn't there to get us back out, but we made it with lots of wrong turns and backtracking and only having to use four-wheel drive to get us through a big mud pit.  This new church is made up of people from three villages who are pariahs in their own villages, so they meet in a school house far out from the closest town or villages.  Every one of them is an orphan or widow of AIDS.  My heart was broken when I realized what they represented, and my heart soared with love when I realized what this local pastor (evangelist) had done to bring these outcasts together into a family made by God.  You need to look at the pictures and read the captions to get a more complete understanding.  This is truly the church at work.

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