Wednesday, December 10, 2008

With school started and another round of training sessions beginning today, we've been very busy.  John is working with Shaban and Omari getting the foundation ready while we wait for the architect's drawings (this is Africa--nothing happens on time).  Keeping the guest cottages clean and ready and stocked with supplies has kept Edina and Paul on their toes, too.  Not to be left out, Amos is thatching the roof of Martha's Place every day as well.  We really are beginning to look like an African village.  We are all feeling better.  We know you are all wrapped up in the midst of the Christmas bustle--there is none here, this is a quiet, religious holiday--but don't forget to write us every now and then.  We do love to get email from our friends in the states.  I'll have another picture for you tomorrow.
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